A little bit softer now

Have you ever been out in public with a friend who speaks too loud? I was talking with our housemate and her fiance about the fact that there are people out there in the world who have these strange habits when they talk to you. Some of them can be cultural; for instance there are cultures that do not make a habit of looking people in the eyes when they speak to them because it’s considered arrogant. Then there are others who won’t do it because they are intimidated by the person they are speaking to. There seem to be so many unique variations of folks in the world who have different idiosyncrasies making it sometimes a bit awkward and humorous to carrying on a conversation. But the one that I just never understood is the individual that speaks at a decibel level high enough to make your ears bleed. Think Will Farrell playing the man with a condition known as “voice modulation”.

This attribute seems like it would make a great Seinfield episode; like the episode where Judge Reinhold is “kind of a close talker” who gets inches away from your face just to ask what type of cereal you like. They should have had the episode with the loud talker as well. The one that allows everyone in an 8 block radius to hear the personal conversation you two are having. Those type of people seem to cause me to speak very quietly, in hopes that I can somehow provoke them to do likewise. I guess my thinking is that they will eventually make a distinction between our differing volume levels and begin to connect with the idea that they should be speaking a bit softer about their painful upbringing or about their most recent, and highly invasive, doctor visit.

My husband is a bit of a high volume talker. There have been times where the house is totally quiet, kids are in bed, not a is creature stirring yet he’s explaining something to me as if I’m running the lawn mower and he is in a competition to be heard. Through all of my misunderstanding of loud talkers I must admit that I do find it rather fetching to be around them. They tend to be gloriously boisterous and highly enjoyable in the personality department. They are usually the type of folk that laugh at most things people say, making others feel like amateur comedians, one of which I consider myself. I don’t play for pay!

Once I figure out how to not let my face turn red whilst in public with a loud talker I’m sure I will have achieved a harmony with these gentle giants of phonation. Until then I will just have to find a nice corner to sit in a public place as they pour out their personal life to me at a level loud enough to make my head fall off. Ricola anyone?


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