Finally, I’m writing!

This is my first blog post ever! It happened in July 2006…..

This is my first entry into any sort of blog spot and let me explain why I have fought the initiation into the 21st century.

I , firstly, am ignorant of “techy” stuff, for lack of a better term. I get stumped and frazzled, sometimes to the point of wanting to kick something…or someone, if I cannot figure out computer issues that arise, and they always do. I am the type of person who has to fully understand why something is the way it is. This is why learning another language has also been my nemesis, just one of many nemesis (”nemesee, nemesi, nemesisis, what’s the plural on that?”- this is only funny if you’ve seen Mystery Men). But I digress…

My doting husband has tried many a time to help me understand the ways of a computer (While I try to help him understand the ways of a pregnant women. Yes, we do have a higher body temperature and that’s why I get ridiculously hot and need the fan on when we sleep). But to my disappointment, and his, I have frustratingly failed to understand how things with buttons, nobs, “links”, “properties”, and “options” work. What does “properties” mean anyway?

I empathize with the senior citizens, or pensioners if you’re English, of today. You all know who I am referring to. These are your grandparents or your older aunts and uncles that say things like, “when we first had a TV there were only 13 channels, plus that U channel that no one ever knew what the hell it was for. Now there are three remotes here to turn the station and 411 stations to choose from!”.

We make fun of them and swear that we will never utter such phrases but I sympathize with their frustrations of the 21st century. I too will chime in that I know not why we must use a road map of sorts to change the TV station. Maybe that’s why Matt and I don’t have cable.

Recently I was at a friend’s house for the weekend and saw that they possessed a plethora of remote controls for the “entertainment center”. My friend Beth went to take a shower and said, “Watch whatever you want. I’ll be down in a bit”. Well, already I knew I was going to have problems. I proceed to hit a button with an “up” arrow in order to go one channel up. Afterward it all went to snow. I wasn’t at all surprised. Next I hit the “down” button and still saw snow. There was no turning back. I was lost and unable to find my way back to the lame episode of This Old House. I chuckled the way you do when your mind is saying, “I knew this would happen.” It’s not a funny chuckle but it’s almost amusing.

Beth comes downstairs and I tell her my story of screwing up the whole TV. She hits three buttons, switches a lever on the stereo, uses a pully and rotates the house just to get the channel switched. I’m being a bit dramatic except for hitting three buttons and switching a lever on the stereo. Wow! That was just so obvious! I can’t believe I didn’t figure that out! Now I’m sounding like someone over the age of 65. Is there anyone out there who understands?

This post is a small victory and I sure hope you’re proud of me. With much trepidation I decided to embark today. I’ve entered my first piece into our site and now you know why you haven’t heard from me yet. Hopefully this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.


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