Giving Thanks

Another archive post, dated November 21st, 2006…


I was on my way back from the newly opened and much anticipated Trader Joe’s. It is the first one in Madison and if you have not been to one you are missing out. The sauces! The jams! The chocolates! The samples!!! I was picking up a few things for Thanksgiving dinner because we’re having some friends over for the special day. I got to thinking after I drove off with a sample in my belly of bagel spread with pumpkin butter and cream cheese. I really have so much to be thankful for. This holiday tends to stress most people out, especially if you have a lot of family to entertain on that last Thursday of the month. For some of us we’d rather order the pies from Denny’s or Perkins rather than bake 7 pies, all different flavors. And then there is waking up at o’dark thirty to put a huge bird in the over…unless you’re a vegetarian. Then it’s more like your oat loaf or your lentil pate. Yummy! Some folks are glad when the day is finally over.

For others Thanksgiving is a time when they are all the more painfully reminded of just how alone they are. Nothing highlights loneliness and isolation more than a national holiday devoted to getting family and friends together. Speaking of Denny’s and pies, I actually remember pulling up to a Denny’s on Thanksgiving a few years ago and I parked the car just to see who was inside. There were quite a lot of people sitting alone in their booth! Man!

This is our first year together as a family of four and this past year Matt and I are realizing more the importance of family and the raw power that it holds to bring people in communities together. But more on that in another email. I guess this is all to say that I am so thankful for family and friends. I’m thankful that we don’t celebrate one another just once a year on “turkey day”. How did it resort to that? As a teenager I couldn’t wait until dinner was over so that I could finally hang out with my friends. Now I’m older, have my own family and I realize that this is such a holiday of celebration. God gives life, grace, hope, family, friends, gifts, joy, and plenty. Yes, plenty. I was teaching in Hawaii a few years ago (before children) and my friend said that his son was in a prayer time with him, praying to God and saying, “God is good to us. He just wants to give his kids good toys”. Out of the mouth of babes….How profound they can be! I believe it though. God is good to His kids and He wants to give freely to us.

Enjoy what He has given you this year. I want to share just a small list of what I’m thankful for. If you want to post a comment with your own list I would LOVE to read it.

Happy Thanksgiving


I am thankful for:




My sense of humor

My house

A car that runs well

I knew Francine



My mother and brother

My life with YWAM

Living in Madison

Our friends all over the world

The nations I have traveled to

Our church and how much they support us in what we do

Claude, Marie and John, Sam and Beth (plus Adi and Emma)

This year is Cyprus, UK and Switzerland

Trader Joe’s


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