I heart boys!

The first time I found out I was having a baby I just knew I would be having a boy. I grew up with all girls and,as a child, only had women in my life. Even when I was a nanny I took care of two little girls. I felt I understood girls better and that I would, obviously, have more in common with them. When I was taking care of the two girls we would be at the playground and the kids would be swinging, twirling and building sweet little sand castles in their cute pastel outfits with butterflies on them. Suddenly, a little boy would come along and romper stomp all over their castle as machine like sound effects came from the depths of his little being; then he would run away, or should I say aggressively plow away, leaving the girls with confused looks on their rosy faces. So when i found out I was pregnant I just knew that I was entering into a world of boogers, poop talk and loud machine noises. We wouldn’t want to disappoint Murphy and his laws.

As I’ve had Oliver in my life I realize that I really like boys. I have loved having testosterone in the home…for the most part. He is such a ball of energy who doesn’t walk anywhere; he runs! Why waste time, right? Some things are just cuter with boys as well. It’s one thing to have your daughter clomp around in your red dress shoes but it takes on a whole new level of cuteness when your son is clomping on the hard wood floors saying, “Oh, mommy shoes!”


When you hear loud clatter noises for most of the day and then it suddenly goes quiet you must peak around the corner to make sure everything is up to snuff. Today Olivier was running around the house, making tons of noise, laughing and pretending to be a truck. All of a sudden all was silent. I went into the kitchen to find him taking off the lid to my finger nail polish. I didn’t even know he knew how to unscrew one of those! Did I mention that the polish was blood red in color? I grabbed it just in time and thanked the heavens that this was not a huge mess.

As I walked him into the living room I could still smell that distinct fingernail polish smell. I believe that is formaldehyde I was smelling. I checked all over his clothes and found nothing. Then I looked on this side of his cheek and there next to his milky white skin was a swirl of crimson finger nail polish. My son was wearing “night out on the town” by Maybeline on his face! It was actually the cutest thing he has done in a long time. Next to the time he popped a few chocolate covered espresso beans in his mouth and kept saying, “Ohhh…nummy?”

I love boys! My son is a weapon of mass destruction as far as the living room is concerned but he has so much life and curiosity inside of him. He makes us laugh almost on a daily basis and my life has been enriched ever since we brought him home from Meriter Birthing Center. Thank heaven for little boys!


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