Only Seven more weeks

This is another post from the latter stages of pregnancy with Chloe. I’m still retrieving old blog entries.

I have reached the point in this pregnancy where the reality of actually having this child into our home has finally sunk in. During the entire 9 months of pregnancy it’s easy to just go about life getting bigger, experiencing back pain, preparing a room or getting your house ready for the new arrival, and various other projects that lead up to the big moment. Then there comes a point that you realize this baby is actually coming into your home and you will see what she/he looks like in a matter of weeks.

I have never been one of those women who sits and rubs her belly all day and talks about the magic of pregnancy. I’m usually the one that comments on back pain and the ever growing butt that still tries to cram itself into pre pregnancy trousers. I actually do love to hold my tummy and feel the baby kick. I also love the beauty of the pregnant belly, as well as the pregnant butt for that matter. However, I did not with either pregnancy put head phones on my belly to allow my child to hear the melodies of Bach and I didn’t rub my belly with cocoa butter while reading a bedtime story to my developing child. Rather I stared at the movement going on inside there, wondering what body part I was witnessing and flashing back to scenes from Alien. I also watched, to my amazement, the popping out of the belly button the way a turkey thermometer does when the turkey is done. What the heck? I just missed out on sitting in forest shaded under the willow tree contemplating what my son or daughter would be like and if I could name them something earthy like Shadow or Whisper. I guess I never had that type of connection.

But now that she is coming into our home soon I find myself wondering what she will look like. How often she will wake up in the middle of the night. If she will have the hiccups as much as she has in uetro (she’s actually having them now). What life will be like with two children and how Olivier will react to her in those first months.

For the past 8 months Matt and I have been busy with our work and very busy with remodeling our home. We want to finish a few projects in these last weeks so that we don’t have to worry about our house in the fall or winter. September will mark the end as well as a beginning for the Bonjours. The end of intense home projects but the beginning with life as a four person family. I hear once you buy a home the projects never end, there is always something else to work on. The same applies to raising children. There is a constant that we can always count on….change!


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