Day 3: The Rain

Again with the irony! Today I was thankful for the rain, even though I woke up a bit unhappy to see ‘pineapple juice’, as the Hawaiians say, coming out of the sky. I long for the sunshine now that winter is almost over. Rain days also mean that you stay indoors with the kids because there is no going outside. But when I stared outside at the wet ground, watching the snow melting away that has been here since December, I felt thankful for the rain. The irony is that the snow the rain melted away later turned into more snow as the rain froze and began to accumulate. Good times!

As a gardner I know water is essential for the earth to live and in our ,’the world owes me’ society it’s easy to let the rain ruin your day. But I say, let it rain, baby! Let it rain.

What are you thankful for?



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