Day 3: The Library

I didn’t have time to take a photo today but this is what I am thankful for….The Library! I’m such a nerd. When I have time to myself and Matt stays with the kids I usually choose to go to the library. I catch up on DIY kitchen makeovers, Brangelina, or paw through cookbooks, Writer’s Digest or any of the number of reference books out there. Right now I’m working on a short story about a little girl who finds adventure in her imagination and it’s set in the library.

When Matt and I were in South Africa we had an idea, one of a dozen. We thought of starting a library in a township. Libraries open up new worlds for people and enable individuals to have access to all kinds of information: art, beauty, poetry, modern culture and the list goes on and on.

Today I took the kids on a walk to the library to get some new books. We go at least once a week for new books. It’s because of this glorious building that I have saved hundreds in US currency that would have been spent on the latest novel or non-fiction book that I come across from a suggestion I have read somewhere online. This is how it works: I come across a post where someone is raving about the latest book. I go online to my library’s site and reserve the book, never having bought the pages in which I’m not even sure I want to own. Ba-Bang! Literature right inside my peachy fingerprints. This is a deep value I am passing onto my kids and, today, I am thankful for my library. Let the nerd bell toll!

What are you thankful for?


One thought on “Day 3: The Library

  1. Amen! I always have about a dozen books from the library. I go for the kitchen/bath remodeling, sewing, architecture, Japan, and gardening and books I hear about on The Daily Show. Most of it is info I’ll never use but it sure is fun to get it!

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