Day 4: Being At Home With My Kids

I meant to post last night but we had friends over for dinner and by the time they left it was too late to get anything done. I really value the end of the evening being spent with Matt.

It’s been very important for me to do this series of thankfulness especially since my attitude has been tested on so many levels lately. Yesterday was not our finest day as mother and son so I was struggling to find what I was thankful for. I came to the conclusion that I love being home with my kids and I’m super thankful that I get to be here with them rather than away for part, or all, of the day.

I’m an introvert and my ‘space’ or alone time is very important to me but since having children I rarely get that time to myself. Alone is where I feel refreshed and the most clear headed. I can escape into myself a bit too much at times and having kids has definitely saved me from going too far with personal alone time, that’s for sure.

Even though I miss being alone I am very thankful that during the day I can sit down for a minute to read, I can take a minute to pause and spend time with the ninos if they need some attention, I am sometimes able to work on projects when the kids go for a nap and I can even step outside into my back yard, when the weather warms up, to get some air or work in my garden with or without the kids.

Yesterday I wanted to scream out of frustration (yes, mothers have days like that with their children). I think a few tears even came out, in fact, I’m sure they did. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m thankful to be home with them.


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