Day 5: Chloe

This girl is nothing I had expected, literally. When I found out I was pregnant again I was in the process of enrolling at university, Oliver just turned one and Matt and I bought a new house that needed a LOT of work. So having another baby was not in the cards for us. I actually cried when I found out I was going to have another baby while I was still nursing our first.

The newborn phase is funny because they don’t really do a lot except sleep and eat (and cry if you’re lucky!). It didn’t seem like I even knew her for many months. I was too busy chasing Oliver around in his two year old phase. As a two year old herself she has stunned me with how delightful she is. A girly-girl with messy hair and a dirty face she likes to strip down to her nappy, even in public and she steals other people’s shoes whenever she sees them. She twirls, dances, giggles, la-la’s, and draws all over her face and arms when she has pens handy. She will show the most tender compassion towards her brother or others she meets. She will even whimper if someone on TV is sad or crying. My girl! I am lovingly, dearly and amazingly thankful for you…

Today I chose her because she came to breakfast wearing a pirate hat. As she sat down to eat her Cheerios I had one of those, “Dang, I love that girl” moments.


Playing Dress up

Playing Dress up

Helping me make muffins but doesn't like molasses

Helping me make muffins but doesn't like molasses



2 thoughts on “Day 5: Chloe

  1. ahh i know those ” i love that little person” moments .. chloe is such a cutie with that pirate hat on ! I like your honesty and realness in your blogging..

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