Day 6: Thursday Night Dinners

Well, better late than never, eh? Last night I wanted to write what I was thankful for but our evening went late and then I forgot. On Thursdays there is a group of us that gather for a meal, a good chat and some drinky-poohs. About three years ago I was talking with my friend, Danielle about starting up a weekly dinner party with a group of friends so as to create more of a network of community. I’m impressed to say that we have been meeting every week (with the exception of one or two here and there) for nearly three years now.

It’s a group of people that Matt and I adore! They love our kids and play with them when we’re together. We will occasionally  do seasonal outings aside from our weekly dinners (visit a pumpkin patch, Thanksgiving, New years, watch our friend David spin at Edos, sledding etc) and it’s been rad to feel a part of a community. Our community is growing now that two other families are pregnant and it’s awesome to be a part of the process together.

Here’s the thing about community that I love yet it also makes me cringe. Relationships are raw, they take work and they are messy. It’s rough to walk through the fire with people (like saying something stupid then going back to apologize, or getting irritated at one another over time). There have been a few times where a misunderstanding has happened and I have felt awkward  wanting to back away. But it’s moments like that where you move beyond a pissy teenage mentality and you work through it, deepening the relationships. This is real life and it’s sometimes messy and awkward but anything that has real value often is. My friends, I am thankful for you!


At the pumpkin patch


David playing on the Iphone with the boy



Good times

Good times

There aren't words

There aren't words

Brandy and I and awesomeness

Brandy and I and awesomeness


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