Day 8: Jen

Matt and I don’t always get time just the two of us, so it’s a rare treat when we get out of the house, leaving a mindful ‘sitter in charge of our wee ones. This last date night our friend Jen came to take care of the kids while Matt and I went to see Watchmen (don’t bother with it until it’s on DVD). We left Jen with our adoring kids just an hour before bed time and came home to find she had done the dishes for us, along with rubbing Oliver’s back as he went to bed. It’s so comforting to entrust your kids to a compassionate individual!

Now, Jen has never been a nanny or even wanted to work with kids so this whole gig doesn’t come naturally to her. She has really loved our kids as she’s seen them grow up. Oliver has an interesting relationship with her since turning three; seems like whenever she’s around he’s on his worst behavior. Yet, she keeps engaging with his moodiness and strong will. He even went through a phase where he would touch his little Mr. Peeper, a LOT! Once when Jen was over for a visit Oliver was doing the touchy-touchy down south. This is what I heard as she kneeled on the floor to play with him. “Oh, you want to play Oliver? Wait, no, don’t try to touch my face. You just had your hands on your….ok, that was my mouth. Your hands went right in my mouth! Ok, I’m just going to get up now. Ok…ok” It was priceless. Wrong place, wrong time.

I dig Jen completely. She’s been a great friend in all ways. She steps in to bless Matt and I a lot, but she’s also just a great person to hang out with as we walk on a treadmill at the gym or chat over a fresh pasta meal. Jen-girl, you’re a star!

What are you thankful for?

You make me laugh, friend!

You make me laugh, friend!



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