Day 12: U2

Yes, you read it correctly. U2.

Tonight after the kids went down I was puttering around on YouTube, which I rarely do, and came across a few U2 videos from back in the day. I was watching Pride, In the Name of Love and New Years Day, along with Sunday Bloody Sunday. Super old school stuff. I was cracking up at Bono’s new wave mullet and his tight black jeans tucked into his black rocker boots. Don’t forget that rock star pose he ALWAYS did in his videos or a his live performances; the squat while arms crossed, looking up into the sky.  Super fun!

I also got really teary watching and listening to a few songs. I have always respected these guys and been profoundly moved by their music as well as the cause they are standing for. The first time I heard about Apartheid in South Africa was from a comment Bono was making at a live concert in the late 80’s. I have always been impressed with the way they use their rock-star-ness to bring awareness and action to the common person.

It was 2005 and a long dream of mine came true. No, I wasn’t kissed on the cheek by the lead singer. I saw them live in Milwaukee. It was real live coolness…super bad ass! Yep, just said ‘ass’ too! It was after the Jubliee tour but still just as moving. On a set of lights you would see all of the countries in Africa moving or scrolling up and Bono kept mentioning AIDS and basic living issues in these destitute areas across the world to us. When he sang Beautiful Day and Yahweh I really cried. I was hoping the people next to me wouldn’t look over because I was a mess. Yet, it was moving beyond words to share that experience with so many people. I was one of the first people in my little section to stand to my feet, clapping and dancing. Then others around me soon joined it. That night the band certainly rocked the place!

Today I have this vague memory of a rock concert that was more like a cool meeting place where some music just happened to be performed. There was a lot of spirit in the room that night as people heard songs from their teenage years and maybe even felt compelled in the place of compassion for shared humanity  as they heard more about the developing world.

I am thankful that these guys exist and that they speak a language that moves me and that isn’t complete crap! Not only are these boys tenaciously passionate and intense, they are quality and artistic… the’re good!  Their words seem to invoke some sort of blessing or movement in people. I can’t really explain it but if you dig them then I’m sure you are aware too. They aren’t just about Rockin’ Your Body ‘Til the Break of Day and I’m pretty sure they never wrote anything as crap as Thong Song. I’m really impressed with how long they have been a band with the same members and even though they are total rock stars I still respect how they present themselves to the world. I am completely thankful I have been there to see it live.

Take a jog down memory lane and remind me what you are thankful for:


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