Day 15: they love my kids

I have a group of friends that meet up for dinner and conversation every Thursday night  for almost three years now. Since Chloe is two and a half it’s been since just before she was born. There are about 9 of us and it sometimes ebbs and flows with the number but usually it’s 9 of us. Our group is expanding now that two of the couples are having babies. For the longest time it’s just been Matt and I with the kids running around as the BBQ is grilling meat for everyone to eat or a pot of Indian Biriani Chicken is cooking up a sweet ass meal for all of us to enjoy. It’s only been ‘son’ and ‘daughter’ running around the kitchen, chasing someone’s dog or cat down the hall barking or hissing while pandemonium ensues. They have been the kids of our bunch, so to speak; the miniature mascots.

It was suggested, by me, that our Thursday night group take a break for a few weeks of meeting together since everyone seems busy and the momentum seems to die at times. My first thought was, “our kids are going to be so sad”. Our weekly get together is something that Matt and I, for sure, look forward to as being our rest and refreshment but our kids also have fun playing with their older friends on those nights.

Thursday night is a time where inevitably you will see someone slinging Oliver over their shoulder like a 40 lb. bag of pinto beans while hearing Chloe in her guttural cackle following close behind saying, “get me, get me!”. They are the life of the party while the adults talk about Obama’s plan for the economy or why it’s OK for gays to adopt children. The cerebral adults are sitting sedentary at the table  talking about life and it’s happenings while our children spin and sweat while running back and forth down an obscure hallway or after an unsuspecting canine. Oh to be young again!

Tonight, while present for one of our weekly dinners, I realized that I am completely thankful that our children are loved, not only by their family but by their extended family; their village. I look forward to the day when David teaches Oliver kung fu (praying mantin style) or when Danielle or Brandy teaches Chloe about music or sewing. They are investing love and inspiration into our children in the sweetest and most loving way. Our children are a part of our friend’s lives, intertwined into their hearts and I am thankful that it’s not just Matt and I whose faces they see every day, week after week.

Parents are their children’s  life blood and emotional sustinance but I am thankful that we are not their only worldview; their only perspective. Our kids are deeply loved and cherished by a community of quality people who just so happen to be highly attractive and creative individuals with a deep sense of integrity and godliness. They are being cared for and raised as dignified and dearly beloved little humans.  We are very blessed to be a part of a group of people who love our kids so much.

It takes a village…..

pumpkin patch

pumpkin patch

David showing Oliver the Iphone

David showing Oliver the Iphone

Chloe is Scott's darling

Chloe is Scott's darling

I don't really know what is happening here.

I don't really know what is happening here.



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