Day 22: A lovely vinyard

These past few days have been interesting because I have this tooth that is bothering me and I am fearing that it may be serious. I had a filling a few weeks ago and the pain hasn’t gone away. I can’t even chew on one side of my mouth without feeling the zing of hitting the nerve. Not good! So I am struggling not to focus on how sucky my mouth feels and I’m REALLY trying not to be too grouchy.

Last night I was getting a bit panicky because of the looming threat of possible root canal. I began to read a bit online about what to expect but had to stop reading due to graphic photos that made my mouth hurt just staring at them. At some point I decided to pour a glass of red wine just to calm my nerves a bit. Although I don’t agree with heavy drinking and I am in the process of examine how expensive it can be to continue to purchase quality and pricey Belgian ales when you are living on a tight budget, I do enjoy a nice drink.

Last night I just wanted to have my nerves a bit calmed with a glass (or two) of red wine. This seems like a silly post but I really am thankful for the little pleasures in life that make your heart happy and calm us down in our moments of freak out. Whether it’s ice cream, watching TV or a nice Shiraz I am adamantly thankful for life’s little gifts that awaken the palate, liven the serotonin and calm the soul. Proverbs says “A little wine makes the heart merry”.

The only downside is a headache the next morning or thick thighs from eating all the ice cream that is needed to make the heart merry. I won’t be eating any ice cream with this tooth and thanks to a bit of a headache I won’t be having any wine tonight. However if, by chance, I do need root canal you may find me in an alleyway surrounded by empty wine bottles and a variety of Ben and Jerry’s empty pint containers, weeping and sitting in the fetal position all in anticipation of what every American fears the most. But let’s not talk about that now….

a toothy grin

a toothy grin


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