Day 23: Good day sunshine

Here in the Midwest we have about five months out of the year where you actually want to be outside. Our family goes out, even in the frigid temps, but come January there isn’t always this rush towards the door  when it’s around 17 deg F. The summer is grand but come mid July the mosquitoes arrive and you, once again, don’t always want to go out. Spring and Fall are gone once you blink so you have to be fast if you want to enjoy them.

Winters are always long and the first warmish day brings college girls out of their dorms in mini-skirts and Ugg boots, donning their already tanned skin; warm weather is a big deal around here and something to take advantage of.  Then by April you are dealing with a snowy day here and there once again. I’ve always been pretty outdoorsy coming from WA and where I grew up we were always camping and hitting the freezing cold beach water. So being land locked and having to stay inside for so long during the winter brings cabin fever to our entire family.

I’ve continued  taking the kids out on walks since mid February even though it’s still icy outside. We just have to get out.  My kids come back inside with super red cheeks and pre-frostbitten fingers. At least we’re getting fresh air. Today was glorious though it was still only 55 deg F. As we walked through the ‘forest’ the kids played with a worm, rolled a huge log, chased a duck, threw rocks and played with sticks. They had a blast and I just enjoyed being out with them and the sun on my face.

Earlier this morning Matt took the kids for breakfast at a friend’s house and I was able to take a walk by myself for an hour! It was delightful! The air was cold and fresh (good for my morning migraine); I could see my breath in the morning light. I love the sun….love it, love it, love it! I’m thankful for a few moments to enjoy it’s fleeting warmth. It makes my garden grow, brings me happiness and helps me absorb that much needed vitamin D.

I may not have the coast or the warmth of my days living in Hawaii but it’s a real gift to soak in the sunshine and to keep taking walks in the brisk Midwest spring air. Enjoy your day!


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