Day 24: Tiny Dancer

Lately Chloe has been showing very girly characteristics in how she prefers to dress, how she has started to randomly sing and la-la-la, and how she likes to hold live and play babies. Today I held her on my lap as she held a newborn. She delicately petted his soft, fuzzy head while she smiled a grown up smile. When I dress her in the mornings she tells me she wants to wear a “princess” which is another word for skirt (I love toddler-ese. These little humans have a true language all their own) and she literally throws a fit if I put pants on her. What has happened to my ragamuffin?

This morning I had music playing in the through the computer and, for whatever reason, I needed to come  into the living for something, which is where I found something priceless. Chloe was dancing all by herself to the music, and she was dancing well. I just stopped dead in my tracks and tried not to scream because of how cute she was. A funny thing happens when you catch you child doing something super cute. As soon as they see you watching them they get embarrassed and stop. So when she looked up at me I pretended not to notice her…and she kept going.

What a doll! I love this girly girl. This chic can hold her own with the boys. If a little dude tries to take her toy she’ll tell them off and then some. She still loves to roll around in the dirt, strip down to her underwear even when we’re outside in 35deg F weather, and she even laughs when she farts. In some ways she’s not frilly and fuffy, but in other ways she’s just the sweetest little darling and as a female myself I am totally enjoying it.


twirling in her 'princess' and stocking hat

twirling in her 'princess' and stocking hat



3 thoughts on “Day 24: Tiny Dancer

  1. So cute! I used to do this too – whenever there was music on, I would dance and dance and dance, so my mum decided to put me in ballet class! I loved it!

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