Day 26: Boy Brandy

We have two Brandy’s in our life and one is our housemate whom our kids refer to as Boy Brandy. We have had a few housemates in our day and I have to say that it takes a special someone to inhabit a basement room. We’ve had one who not only endured but loved living there and loved living with us. She was a shining star of a roommate who loved our kids and felt a bit like part of our family.

Well this new housemate has been giving her a run for her money. He may not be a babysitter or come and eat with us every dinner time but we really dig having Boy Brandy around…. when we see him, that is. He works late so we don’t always see him but we usually do hear him. I can hear him practicing music from time to time and it really brings a lot of sound and life into this quite house. Well, sort of quiet. The kids are enough noise for all of us. But at night when the house isn’t stirring it actually is life giving to hear him playing downstairs.

Occasionally he and Matt get to play video games (and because of this Matt loves him more than words can say) and he has commented on the noise that the kids make as being, “a sound that life is in the house” rather than a ‘bunch of racket’. So already he has our vote for ‘bitchin roomie’!

He’s our first male roommate and I have to say he’s been worth the wait. I’m thankful that he’s here at night when Matt works late, or here in the day when Matt is away at work, even though I’ve never needed to call upon his brute strength. It’s just nice to have a dude in the house. He likes our kids and our kids like him. Chloe will see him in the morning and show him her clothes or just start rambling something incoherent at him, which he politely says, “Ohhhhh…”. Oliver shows him his legos and occasionally Brandy will even build something with the boy. That’s the way straight to a kid’s heart.

At any rate, we’re thankful and glad that he’s part of the Bonjour madness.



One thought on “Day 26: Boy Brandy

  1. He sounds like a keeper! Dont let him go! We love our neighbor downstairs because she says the same thing ” I love the noise the kids make it brings life to my day”.. I love people like that…

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