Day 27: The amazing race!

I am ashamed that I should be done with my 30 days of thankfulness by now but due to some serious irritation at life and really busy days I was unable to write….when i say, “unable” am I using it loosely, of course. I was ‘able’ but just had a few moments of being overwhelmed where this was the last thing in life that I wanted to do. Funny how I chose to do this project to get me into a clearer perspective of my life but, you know, I’m still me and have days where I fly off the handle and wish to read or garden myself into a comatose state hoping that kids and others are a distant voice in the background….sort of like smooth jazz. You don’t mind it playing as long as it’s really faint. If it’s turned up too loud you might as well be dealing with road rage.

Today a few friends of mine were partners in a fund raiser for the UW sports department, which rakes in a chunk ‘o change for Madison and the college in general. I paid $15 bucks to hang with some friends in a torrential downpour that flooded our sneakers as we walked, which was the pace of mall walkers I might add. At some point after the race my friend, Sarah, asked why my shoe was bubbling. I had no idea what she was asking until I looked down at the sudsy wonder that was spewing out of my jogging shoe. Just the left one! I must have had a sock with too much detergent used because it was like a bad episode of I Love Lucy. Zany and oddball!

I do realize I paid to walk in the pouring rain but as soon as we got out near the capital to wait for our green light I was super thankful to be there with some of my closest friends. Even though the hubby was gone it was a gift to be sans children in the miserable rain (they would have been so unhappy),  and to giggle with friends over a cup of sarcasm (you have to let the sarcastic humor fly if you’re going to survive being cold and wet plus throwing down 15 clams for the festivities).

At one point there was a rather heavy woman in the race who was clad in tight jogging pants and donned her small radio which looped “Gettin’ jiggy wid’ it”, to which Sarah put the spin on “Gettin’ jiggly wid’ it”. Nice one! You gotta laugh or you’ll weep.

After the event we headed for Dotty’s Dumpling Dowry for a burger and a beer (yep, at 11am we opted for a micro brew due to the fact that they were serving Bud Light at the race.  We couldn’t bring ourselves to drink it even though it was free). So we ate our rad burgers and sipped our micros in mushy clothing and there was nothing better in that moment. I had a great three hours with friends, creating memories that we will laugh about in just a few days time. I’m thankful for Jen watching the kids while I allowed myself to smell of wet dog in downtown Madison and I’m super thankful for the time where I could get jiggly with some friends and 17,000 midwest strangers.

What are you thankful for?

At Dottys Dumpling Dowry, dripping wet. Someone commented on how wet the floor was getting

At Dotty's Dumpling Dowry, dripping wet. Someone commented on how wet the floor was getting


2 thoughts on “Day 27: The amazing race!

  1. man, if it weren’t for you guys, I would’ve been crying the whole time. it was definitely something I will never forget.
    thanks for laughing at my rude, crude comments. i love you, trace.

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