Blue Mounds


These are the last days of summer of 2009 and I am trying to savor every last drop. Soon this green grass will turn brown and prickly, it will be covered (unannounced) with at least 7inches of snow, ice and dirt. The flowers in my garden will wither and drop and my vegetables will cry and scream as the frost burns their skin. My red tomatoes will fill with defrosted water and plump in the October crisp. My mint and basil will turn brown with frost burn and I will have no more fresh noodle-sauce which I treasure every summer. Basil and tomato is the taste of summer!

Today we ran, skipped and shouted in the Blue Mounds national park. I missed Washington but savored summer in Wisconsin. My kids are outdoor fishes who swim in the trees and paddle with acorns. They calm the beetles with their shiny, iridescent shells and they make friends out of sticks and leaves. I want more for them. I want the forrest as their playground. Blackberries are morsels. They ingest, digest and excrete every purple berry. Rocks, bugs and sticks are fascinating. Dirt is lovely and moss is a jacket to wear or a washcloth to rub on pale skin.

We camped, ate, sank, laughed, drank, smelled and left full of earth. We smell of fire and sweat. Stinky and lovely. Bliss and barefoot. This is the end. A new season of harvest and a time of plenty comes. Snow, frost, death, and cold. Welcome!








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