Yes, Jesus loves me

I taught Chloe the song, Jesus loves me, mainly because I really don’t remember children’s songs and this is one of the few I do know. She loves to sing and we sing songs together every night before she goes to bed: The Itsy Bitsy Spider (or ity biy ‘pider), Mary had a little lamb, and the ever popular ABC’s. Her voices cracks when she hits the high notes and I giggle softly because it’s so damn cute I can’t even help myself.

I want to remember these moments of her toddler life because I know too many parents whom you ask what their child was like as a toddler they NEVER remember. They sort of remember a personality trait or what it was like to raise them but they usually don’t remember moments singing in bed each night and how cute the little bubbly voice sounded when the ‘rain came and washed the spider out!’.

Chloe sings half of words because she can’t pronounce some and also because she doesn’t remember others. So right now she sings, “Jesus loves me this I know. For the bathroom tells me so. He-haw, he-haw,he is strong”. It’s priceless! I love this girl. She is truly delightful.

The other day I was reading Oliver the story of Johnny Appleseed and the book rattled off some of the states his legend had moved through. We came to Pennsylvania and Oliver asked me if Pennsylvania was where pencils lived. I laughed out loud on that one. He smiled but didn’t know what was so funny. I have to make it a priority to write down these moments more often. I don’t want to forget who they were or some of the amusing lines they randomly dropped in the middle of our days together.


One thought on “Yes, Jesus loves me

  1. hysterical! i need to write this stuff down too – i feel like i’m so behind and i’ve already missed chronicling so many things. yesterday in the car kai busted out with, “right that some people look funny but you still have to be nice to them?”

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