How does it feel to be ‘free’?


Two days ago (and three years) my daughter way born. I have written a lot about how going from one child to two changed my entire world. Of course, those treasured posts are floating around cyber space and it breaks my heart that I can’t ever find them again. I’ve been asking her how old she is now and she tells me, “I’m free years old now” with the seriousness and maturity of a forty year old. She’s charming.

She has been the biggest surprise for our family in so many ways. She was not planned and before her character really started to blossom I had in my head an idea of what many little girls were like. She has broken the mold over and again. She’s very much ‘girl’ yet loves to have dirty feet and ratty hair. She will cover her body and clothes with dirt and water the moment she spots a mud puddle. She wants to dress up like a princess but often puts on her brothers shoes and sometimes his under ware and dances around the house half naked singing songs with unrecognizable lyrics put to them. She likes to play with cars as well as dolls and she also giggles when she ‘let’s one rip’. I’ve never seen a girl more beautiful.

I enjoy her thoroughly. She’s delighted our home and decorated it with personality and colour in a way all her own. There is so much love in her heart and her spirit roams with the cosmos. My girl with brown sugar hair and vanilla scented skin. Happy special day, baby. It’s good to be ‘free’.



Chloe winking

Chloe winking



4 thoughts on “How does it feel to be ‘free’?

  1. Ah this brought tears to my eyes – she is so precious! Love that girl and her deep voice and finger people! šŸ™‚ Precious little smile!

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