Reading to my children

I stop by this site a lot mainly because I love to read and I zealously read to my children. I consider this a part of our homeschooling. Books, books, books. I take them to the library a few times a week at least and my son got his first library card  last Spring. Granted he still runs straight for the computer and the DVD section but I still stock up on the books and I make reading a part of our daily routine.

Steadymom always has great ideas for books and I love her site because I get so many new suggestions on what to read to my kids. She does the research and I get the benefits. This is the beauty of blog sharing. So stop by and peek at her ideas for Thanksgiving books to check out, or purchase, for your children. Incidently, I have learned so much by reading short and colourful biographies from the children’s books collection. Schooling my kids teaches me a lot!


Chloe reading


6 thoughts on “Reading to my children

  1. I like that she researches books like that.. does make it easy.. Its a great idea to buy a book for certain holidays, I decided to start doing that, so I got a christmas one yesterday from a book fair.. Im pretty excited! I haven’t read it yet and put it in the closet with other christmas ones from the years before.. the girls cant wait to read it either! It was a bit trickier to find a good thanksgiving one, I may just stick to renting from the library for thanksgiving ones.. Maybe Ill check B&N to see if they have fun ones for thanksgiving..

  2. Yes, reading to kids is so fun! John and I babysat for Emma and Adi the other night and read about 10 books to them. It was so fun and is definitely something I want to do with our kiddos one day too!

  3. I like her site a lot – thanks for sharing. It looks like a lot of her books listed on the sides are from the Sonlight curriculum – this is the one I ordered for us – it’s literature based and I’m so excited to get it in December!! It’s almost all just books, books, books. You might be interested in getting their free catalog, because basically it can just serve as a great book list. (

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