Trick or Treat

Oliver and pumpkin

Like most women, I LOVE the holiday season; the colours, the crisp air, the foods and the traditions. Halloween is actually one of my favorites. For some reason I love to see the traditions we have of putting stuff on our porches (even if some of it makes me want to vomit), carving these orange members of the squash family and dressing up as characters to celebrate whatever we are celebrating now. I’m sure the origins of the day of the dead are not my cup o tea but I love harvest time and I love to see people get on the bus dressed as a pirate. It’s so random.
As a family we aren’t opposed to taking our kids trick or treating. In fact, I absolutely love doing it. It makes me laugh the hardest out of the year. My kids will RUN up to a strangers door and say some odd phrase because they never remember to say, “trick or treat”. This year when the host opened the door they always said, “Happy Halloween”. Then they get their loot and they run off. It tickles me to see these little munchkins running around in a strange outfit, excited and operating in team work to be more efficient. It’s so damn cute!

This year Chloe was a flower fairy and Oliver was cowboy. I love that he wanted to be a cowboy and not a Power Ranger. I don’t even know why. I just thought it was really sweet. I dressed up as a cat mainly because I love to dress up. My mom always dressed up on Halloween and it really made me love her more. I loved that she got into it and felt free to have fun.

Happy Holidays



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