A taste of Ghana

My friend Janice sent a recipe that is well common in Ghana. This is to go along with my post from last week.

Bon Appetite

“Hi Tracie,
This is such a great idea! I just love it and think it has real potential.
One of the dishes which is everyone’s favourite at least everyone we have prepared for loves it. The ingredients can be found wherever and that is the peanut sauce or soup dish. It can be eaten with rice, couscous, and just about anything. It is also good for anyone who is allergic to gluten and dairy.
Peanut butter sauce

1. 1 Chopped large onion
2. Four chopped garlic cloves ( you can use as much garlic as you like)
3. 350 grams peanut butter smooth or crunchy without sugar
4. 1 and half litre water plain or with chicken stock
5. 2 tbsp olive oil
6. 500 grams chicken
7. four large tomatoes diced
8. Salt and pepper to taste

a. Fry onion, garlic and diced tomatoes in olive oil for five minutes.
b. Add chicken and steam fry until sealed.
c. Mix peanut butter in water separately until you get a smooth consistency ( this can be achieved using your hand or blender)
d. Add mixture to chicken add salt and pepper to taste, bring to the boil and simmer for one hour or until there is a bit of oil from the peanut butter on top. It will be medium thick once cooked.

This can be served with rice, boiled potatoes ect.

Hope this helps, Tracie and feel free to edit it.
Lots of love and all the best



3 thoughts on “A taste of Ghana

  1. very cool, I will definitely have to try it! Looks really simple.. One day hopefully Ill beable to take simple little things around the house like this and make something yummy out of it! Im sure it takes time and practice to get to that point though..

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