A rite of passage for girls

I know that at some point in toddlerhood most girls will become very curious as to how momma gets her hair so cute and short. I have purposely never chopped my own hair in front of my children because they know where the scissors are and I’ve never wanted their curiosity to find them looking like Joe Dirt or some emo kid from a local area band. But alas my daughter of three years found our scissors and allowed her curiosity to get the best of her…. so did her brother!

Matt and I were working on the house on a variety of indoor projects when our housemate came upstairs and looked in the living room. He was wondering, “Why is all this doll hair strewn on the floor?” only to find brother and sister hiding under the desk with scissors in hand and girl left with ugly mullet. (I didn’t take a photo of it just because I was so upset)

I never had thought of myself as a mother who would think of her daughter’s long hair as her ‘crown and glory’. I really didn’t see her loss of hair as a loss of her femininity but it was gorgeous hair. Long, naturally curly and naturally highlighted by the sun. It’s the type of hair that women in the mid thirties dream of. She was born with a full head of fuzzy, black hair and by the time she was a year old she had a short bob. The day it was chopped her locks fell to the middle of her back. I was always proud of the fact that she wasn’t a bald baby with sparse scraps of tresses framing a chubby profile. Then in one moment, it was all gone.

My friend Jen came over to fix her quaff and because of who my daughter is (totally upbeat and joyful) she enjoyed the entire process of a pro hair cut. She kept saying, “I look like mamma now” and giggling as she watched her hair cut in the mirror. The cutting didn’t phase her a bit (like it did me).

She’s officially a little girl who took a whirl at cutting her own hair. Clumps of it! Her brother helped, not realizing that it wouldn’t be growing back later that day. Of course he didn’t cut his. Boys whose hair will be fine even if you have to shave it never seem to care much about trying out their styling skills on themselves. Why is that? WHY???

No matter what, she is still gorgeous and her short hair is cute. It looks like flapper hair. She’s my little lady and I love her to bits.

Earlier that morning


4 thoughts on “A rite of passage for girls

  1. aww she totally reminds me of adi in some of these photos (the expressions) I bet they’d have fun together.. She does have pretty hair, it looks super cute short too.. I remember last year when I got my hair cut short and Emma was convinced she wanted hers short too (she did the whole cutting herself but somehow I caught her before she did too much damage) So i gave her a week to think it over and she still wanted it so off it came, I too was sad cause I loved her hair and it took her flippin forever to grow it! Annoyingly I tried trimming some of Adi’s that day too and totally butchered it and cut it WAY shorter than I wanted … took me about a month to get over the incident with Adi’s hair.. she had layers thay curled abit on the ends and off they came, I have no idea what i did but know Im not touching it again for awhile! Anyways Chloe is super cute with short hair! And if she’s anything like Olivier it will be long again before you know it!

    • I still can’t believe how interested kids are in hair cutting. Your girls still look amazing with whatever hair they have. Being gorgeous is in their genes.

  2. I guess it is a rite of passage for little girls to cut their own hair! It is super cute though, and it was fun to see how happy she was for the pro-cut as you said!

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