I heart girls!

Today was Chloe’s second ballet class. I never thought I would love having a girl so much but there are moments which I completely delight in sharing with her. I don’t always understand boys, even though I am trying, but I get her. I took ballet for a bit when I was young and I never dreamed of becoming a dancer nor did I grow up extremely girly (I’m still not- whatever that means) but I signed her up for a class because she has taken an interest in dancing. When I’ve shown her clips of ballet on the internet she becomes captivated.

I took her to her first class a week ago and I didn’t have slippers for her because I had no idea where to buy them. I just showed up for her class with a leotard and tights thinking, “Well, the kids are only three years old. Who’s going to have slippers?” Turns out they all did and as soon as she saw the various slippers on the little girls she asked, “Mamma, where are my ballet shoes?” It was the first time with either of my kids that my heart sank and I felt so sad that I didn’t have something precious to give her. It was that, “Oh sweetie, I’m so sorry but I don’t have slippers for you” feeling. She wasn’t fussed about the fact that she’d be taking her first lesson with just tights on but I actually felt sad for her.  Matt and I aren’t at all the ‘keeping up with the Jones’ type people. We get most of our kid’s clothes second-hand and I buy almost exclusively from thrift stores and yard sales when I purchase books, games and toys for my kids, all without feeling any sense of shame that would be attached to poverty. NONE!

But for some reason I really wanted her to have little slippers. So…. I made some. My first attempt was hilarious. My friend, Brandy came to help me figure out a pattern, since I didn’t have one, and I wanted to make them out of a shrunken, red wool sweater. Well, the wool was too bulky and it was a failed, and laughable, project. So I had Chloe pick out the fabric; shocking pink with white hearts. To me the pattern ended up looking a bit like clown socks but she likes them and feels proud to have slippers that no one else has.

She showed up for class today and placed the slippers on her tiny feet, excited to dance. I caught a few glimpses of her in her class walking on her toes and I must say it’s moments like THAT where my heart delights that I have a little girl.


12 thoughts on “I heart girls!

  1. So fun! I’m so glad she’s doing ballet – I did it too as a young ‘un for the same reason, I just really liked dancing.

  2. Really cute, Tracie! And I think your response was totally normal- especially since many classes require special clothes or shoes in order to learn correctly. If her teacher insists on the leather soled bottoms at some point, Payless in Shopko carries them for under $10…that’s where I got Oliver’s when he took ballet this summer.

  3. aww those look great trace, i bet she loves them! We decided to put the girls in ballet too actually, I never did any classes like that when I was young but I remember wishing I could! I think its great for their confidence and to just have a let out..

  4. so special I love the shoes. eiley is in a free flow worship dance class led by a precious friend, they do flagging and some ballet technique and interpretive worship stuff. She loves it so much, it makes my heart burst watching the 15 little girls doing toe points and such. girls are so sweet

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