What a ride!

What a week!

Not our van but the same model

This past week was a bit on the busy side for the Bonjours and I think I’m just catching up on my rest and getting some energy back again.

Last Tuesday- Afternoon: got pre-approved for a car loan and found a van. Headed to Chicago for a look, test drove it and took it home. Sweet Honda Oddessy

Wednesday-  Within 24 hours of buying a new car I sold our old one! Another work day on the house. Trimmed out the girl’s room and it looks fantastic. Evening came and we had friends over for dinner. I made three pizzas with some rockin’ dough. You haven’t lived if you haven’t had pizza with caramelized onions and pancetta! It’ll change your life!

Thusday- had friends over to help with another work day. Mudding, sanding, pulling trim in the boy’s room, taking down a bunk bed, priming and more mudding. Thanks for helping, friends. Evening comes and it’s time for our weekly Thursday night dinner with friends. Thankfully all I had to make was a salad.

Saturday- Attended a dear friend’s wedding plus a sweet reception.

Sunday- I took a nap!

It’s been an amazing week and I’m thankful for how everything has worked out. We got a great loan (who can say that these days?), found a sweet van that will fit our growing family and hold our belongings on many upcoming camping trips. We also worked one step closer to finishing the art project known as our house. It’s been quite a journey of faith for our family to decide to sell our home and move across the country when the housing market is so unstable. When we tell people we’re trying to sell our home we keep hearing the gasp one gives when they are hearing some unfortunate news, like hearing that you’ve just come down with a degenerative disease. “Oh…trying to sell your house in this market? Eesh… good luck!” Then they usually do a slight head shake and stare at the floor a bit like they are trying to sympathize FOR us. Oh well. We’re both full of faith and even if we don’t see this house sold for millions and experience the sky opening up to show us all of the angels hovering over our home as they sing in a glorious choir and blow their trumpets overhead both Matt and I have such a trust that we are on the right path and things will work out really well for us.

Faith is an interesting endeavour because I can’t always explain how it makes me feel, or why I would even choose faith. It’s dangerous and exhilarating, uncertain and even frightening. But I’m convinced that our greatest moments are moments of choosing faith. You really can’t be certain of the outcome and there are even times when it doesn’t go accordingly. But I believe that it’s faith that is pleasing to God, not so much knowing the outcome and doing something that we don’t want to do anyway. But not knowing if it would even work yet choosing the unknown because, yes it could fail but what if it doesn’t? What if it actually turns out gloriously? Maybe the risk is worth the potential for disappointment and disillusionment.

There is a great book about a small group of people who bring a message of love to a tribal group in the mid 60’s called Peace Child. I love the book mainly because the approach the Westerners took in bringing their message. It was contexualized to fit where the natives were at and what they would understand. The sacrifice and commitment to honour their culture is breath taking. At one point one of the tribal leaders says to the American, Don Richardson, “Don, you make my liver quiver” as he’s expressing what it ‘feels’ like to love this man as a dear friend. He doesn’t say, “You have touched my heart” like maybe I would have said but you know exactly what he means. He can feel love for him deep in his belly and the thrill of friendship is tangible. So is the nervousness of faith. Our faith is making my liver quiver and I’m riding to the top of the roller coaster waiting for the rush of the huge drop.


4 thoughts on “What a ride!

  1. I feel positive you guys will sell. Jim and Kelly were able to sell their condo right after the crash – their house was on the market for a while (at least 4 months, I don’t entirely remember) but it did eventually sell! Can’t wait to see you guys some time later this year on the West Coast!

  2. we own the same car and love it. it has so much room for family and friends and space to store stuff. Good luck with the house . we are moving into a new house too at the moment. Luckily the house we live in is part of our city employee housing so the city sells the house for you and some neighbors in our complex are buying it because it is bigger than theirs . When are you planning the move??we’ll if your back in the northwest maybe i’ll see you in the summers when i return.

    • We’re planning to make the trip in Sept if all goes according to plan. I too love this van. I can’t wait to camp in it. The kids love it too. They say it’s like they’re in a space ship. Thanks for the comment. It’s great to hear from you Sara.

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