More busy days

As of a week ago Matt and I decided to finish the rest of the work on our little ‘fixer upper’ that we will be selling before moving back to Washington. It’s been a busy week as of Saturday and I’ve been painting, cleaning, packing, gardening, detailing, mudding and sanding non stop. Literally. Well, except to eat and sleep. This is quite the adventure for our family and as of today I can feel I’m starting to wear a bit thin. I’m pretty tired and with the size of my belly I’m also a bit sore in the back. We are trying to throw our house on the market by April 1 so please keep us in your prayers so that we would get a quick buyer for the price we want and deserve (I realize ‘deserve’ is a relative term but we have honestly put hundreds of hours worth into this old house and she has the beauty marks to prove it).

I will likely be a bit busy until April 1 and maybe even unable to post here but I really miss writing at the moment. My head wants to say a lot these days but the time is just not there. This project is a priority and we figure after seven more days it will slow down a lot. Thank you all for being such faithful readers. I love your personal comments and great insights as I write about my life with two children. I actually started to write more thoughts on nurturing our children, as suggested by my husband, and we will see what becomes of it. He is reading a book called Unconditional Parenting and I’m seeing a huge difference in his involvement and levels of  patience towards the children. He’s quite the catch!

Enjoy your Spring days. I’ll be back soon.

To see some before and after photos click here


One thought on “More busy days

  1. How’s it all going? I chatted briefly with dad and even more briefly with Matt yesterday, but want to hear more about it all! 🙂

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