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One of the few cantaloupe that actually grew last year

I found this site today and if you are wondering about the links between food, the quality of food and how it increases or decreases our overall health, then this is a great resource. I think I’ve come to believe that there is no ONE MIRACLE DIET that will cure all diseases (many cultures have traditional diets that differ from one culture to the next) but I’m very intrigued by the idea of getting back to how we use to do things before life become so amazingly complex. I think there is something profoundly real and healthy in traditional living, even though I’m super grateful for the internet!

This specific article is written by a woman who has suffered many degenerative diseases due to food allergies and her story may resonate with some of you. I thought I would throw it out to see if anyone has comments, suggestions or similar experiences with your own health or your children’s health. It resonated with me and I saw many parallels in my own story.  I have had issues with bad gut flora taking over my system that, at one point, I thought I would never take another mission trip to another country. I had chronic bone and joint pain making it difficult to walk or sleep at night, fatigue, memory loss and severe immune deficiency due to an unhealthy gut; I was sick ALL THE TIME with some sort of flu, cold or seasonal allergies. I’m pretty certain I also had food allergies but wasn’t aware of it. I still battle with sugar and it’s effects on me and I’m sad to say that my teeth need a revival if I am to carry them into my old age. Antibiotics may have been the culprit from the get go but there is a lot I have done to keep my health as high as I can with my diet and what I choose to eat. I’m aware of the food industry and how low the quality of our food has become so as I’ve been eating a more traditional diet I have seen improvements even in things like my children’s teeth. Oliver use to have a yellow/orange film over his poor teeth, like he wasn’t producing enamel, and once I changed his diet and gave him more raw diary his teeth turned white! Now I’m hoping it’s also working for my poor teeth. I’ve also seen him calm a bit more as I give him fat and protein to help his brain grow.

See, I’m planning to live until I’m 80 or so now that I truly believe old age is a gift and not a curse. Again, I’m not certain that there is one specific diet that will do this for all of us but I’m thrilled to see health in the form of personal maintenance and overall enjoyment of living making it’s comeback. Also, check out Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution on! I’d like to keep my own teeth in my face as I age and I’d like my bones and muscles to remain strong, keeping me feisty and vivacious; one of those ‘old people’ with a Joie de vivre that makes you hope to live to be as old and enjoyable as they are. Yep, that’s what I want. I want to see great-grandchildren being born and to live through many changing seasons with my own kids and my lovely husband. Take my car and my license away, I’ll take the bus or bike! Put me in glasses and give me a short hair cut with a curly perm! Put me in polyester trousers and comfy walking shoes! Just let me keep my body and my ability to walk briskly around the lake or swim in the ocean. I’d like to live long and prosper! Now if I could just stop adoring fresh brewed coffee so much.

Tell me if you have any thoughts on this article. Positive or critical. I’m curious….

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2 thoughts on “Great site

  1. I totally agree. I wish I can tell you Marc & I are eating so well now, but we are struggling with it. Well, mainly me! We eat pretty healthy except for the quick frozen pizza,etc…I struggle with a sweet tooth, and I have to tell you it gets me upset! I so want to eat better.
    We both decided to raise Lemmy with a healthy diet, and so far is so good. He eats so well! No sugars, no salt, everything fresh. We buy him the best salmon, fishes, avacados,chickens etc! And He has been a very strong healthy boy! He just finished breastfeeding ( I feel very sad about it!) At the moment he doesnt know all the foods,and he trust what we give him and he is so happy with it, he loves to eat! So, why give him the other stuff that one day he will know exists anyways?!
    I know that it may no be for ever, but I believe also by other friend;s experiences that when they will be expose to sugar or whatever else, they won’t go crazy, but will be happy with more fruits or veggies, than a cake! I saw it happened! And thar’s my hope. Growing up in Argentina, at that time my mum told me that the doctor say: stop breastfeeding her at 3 months and just feed her food. At age 3 I remember going to kindergarden with a bag full of alfajores ( a sweet thing from BS AS) and cookies, etc….Salts and sugar since I can remember!
    Anyways, I really want to improved my health, I’m struggling with a few things and is so much easier to go to things I like instead.
    Is great that you are so consistent in what you give your family!! I should start doing more homemade pizzas and bread, etc! I wish I could find the raw milk here!!
    I also remember the stuff we talked about back in the factory days after Winkey Pratney spoke, you remember? I felt since then, I was more aware of all the stuff we eat and put in our bodys. Remember about the deodorant? That was a huge help for me! Ok, Lemmy is up..need to go! I wrote too much already!

  2. I know what you mean, friend. I think it’s good to take baby steps in all of this and not beat yourself up. I still enjoy a good sugar sweet like a piece of cake or nice chocolate. I was also raised on total junk food and processed everything. My mom was single, working and doing what she could. I ate ok but there is a lot I wish we both knew while I was growing up. I feel so right about the choices we are making but at the same time my kids have fun. They eat sweets sometimes and love it. I also love to watch them enjoy treats. I just see the difference in how we are eating as opposed to what I use to eat and how it’s effected my health over the years.

    Thanks for the comment. I love to hear your ideas.

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