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My friend Amanda sent me this link and I’ve been hooked for a few days now. I’m intrigued by Stephanie Neilson’s journey since her accident as she is now adjusting to her new life as a mother who deals with physical pain. Her story is amazing to me mainly because I love to see people overcoming in life as they find the resolve to live it gloriously, in spite of serious adversity. I have always felt awkward when I hear someone who still has their health or their looks say to someone who has suffered so much loss say, “You have put into perspective all that I have been taking for granted”. I know that is actually true and I feel the same at times but it often sounds like, “Seeing all that you don’t have anymore reminds me to be grateful for what I have” and it just makes me cringe. All that to say, I have asked myself while I’ve been reading her blog, “Why do I feel touched and emotional? Do I feel pity? What is inspiring me and making me want to be more?” The conclusion I came to is that her story is tragic and glorious in the same gulp. It brought me to tears thinking that a family had to endure loss but it’s glorious in that she knows she is not defined by her body anymore.

I am challenged as a mother and reminded that having a family and raising children is a gift. I can see where I’ve pushed away a child because I was busy or turned my head away from the dirty child smell that eminates from the tops of their scalp once they’ve been outside in the hot sun all day. It’s sort of a wet dog smell. I’ve lost patience and ‘wanted my space’. Stephanie reminds me what a gift it is to be able to feel our children. To have our fingerprints touching their skin or to put a little girl’s hair in pony tails and feel our skin against her hair. To feel and hug a child without pain is something I NEVER think about and I’m very inspired to remember the gifts that I have living in my home, shaking up my entire life. Thank you, Nie

Her Blog

Her Story

Her voice (I really wanted to hear what she sounded like- it made her more real to me)

On Oprah


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  1. Like I said on FB. I have been following her for a couple of years now and when her accident happened it really affected me. It was such a shock. The amazing thing about her is that she remains the same THANKFUL person/mother, the same joyful person — EVEN AFTER THE ACCIDENT. And it doesn’t mean that she is always chirpy happy but she has a deep joy and childlike love and abandon.

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