Beach Days

I am delighted that my kids love to swim. I was a water baby and it’s refreshing to see that my kids enjoy getting wet too. Lately I’ve been taking them to one of the lakes in town to cool off since the temps have been in the upper 80s. They get in totally fearless (with their little water wings, of course) and cool off during these hot days. Now as a woman well into her pregnancy I get a lot of stares at the beach mainly because I don’t have a maternity swimsuit, don’t care to have one and just let my belly hang out. Baby needs sun too! So I get into the frigid water along with my kids and we have a blast.

I’m savoring every day of hot, sunny weather because as soon as we head West we’ll be greeted with grey skies and temps in the low 60s. Here’s to summer, in late spring! Here’s to the whole of life! Enjoy the outdoors and GET IN THE WATER!


4 thoughts on “Beach Days

  1. We were at Devils Lake yesterday. Gorgeous! Sorry I didn’t make the shower. I am not good at noticing events on FB and didn’t know about it until Saturday and had something else planned with the kids. John is out of town right now so it is difficult to be in two places at once.

  2. yay for beach days! and good for you going for it and enjoying the water regardless of maternity bathingsuit. I love that. I’m so glad you’re enjoying the sunshine. xo

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