Did I swallow the baby?

Oliver is going through a very curious stage in regards to how babies come out. I tell him that ‘the mamma pushes the baby out’ and that’s about where we leave it. I know him well enough to know that if I were to disclose EVERYTHING it would completely traumatized him. He’s just not ready yet. But he’s also not satisfied with the ‘push’ answer mainly because he doesn’t know how or where the mamma pushes the baby out. He knows it can’t be out of the belly button but you can see his little inner wheels spinning when he thinks that there might be a possibility that the belly button is the way in which baby enters the world.

Over a year ago a friend was pregnant and at our house for a party. When the room was quiet Oliver went to her fascinating, 9 months -pregnant belly and said, “Hey, you’re getting really, really big!!!” while he put his arms in the air in the shape of the earth. Then he said, “Open your mouth” and out of curiosity at this strange request she did. Then he said, “Why did you swallow the baby?” The room filled with laughter and then he pushed really hard on her belly because he was trying to ‘push the baby out’. It was a fantastic moment. One in which I was reminded of why my son is amazing.

It wasn’t until recently that he stopped asking me if I swallowed the baby and that’s how it ended up in my tummy. He doesn’t know yet how it got there but he’s still so fascinated and curious about this whole phenomenon. It must be so strange to be a little person and you know there is a baby in there but you can’t see it or hear it, you just know it’s there. He’s in love with his little sister already and loves to feel her move and wiggle. Chloe, not so much. I think the boney and pokey bits jutting out of my belly freak her out a bit.

Soon my kids will hold their little sister and the questions will cease for a bit. It won’t all make sense, they will just be settled enough with the ambiguity as they enjoy a new baby in the home. Now if I can just keep from going into labor on a three day road trip…..

Here’s to curious little minds!


One thought on “Did I swallow the baby?

  1. hysterical!!! That’s awesome. Having c-sections, it was easy for me to explain that the doctor cuts me open and then sews me back up. Just recently Kai started thinking further and wondering if that was the case, what about elephants in the wild? or other animals? how do they have their babies? So, we eventually did have to explain it to him with a little more detail! But, like you, I definitely put it off as long as possible! Love Oliver’s creativity. What an amazing mind that little boy has. Good luck on your three day road trip!!! Hope we get to hear all about it!! (with pics) 🙂

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