A lil’ inspiration

Since our movie-fast I’ve found that there are days the kids really don’t know what to do with themselves. It’s gotten easier as we’ve been doing this longer but there are days where they are incredibly bored and unable to create fun for themselves. Today there was a lot of naughty behavior (I think it was due to boredom) and I needed to help get them started on a project. This is the biggest way that I’ve had to engage in being a mother. I’ve had to help get them jump started on games, projects or imaginative play when they seem bored. After I provide a bit of guidance they usually take the idea and run with it.

Today I built little cubes out of play dough and they’ve been making stuff out of them ever since. I’m amazed how the little things make a huge difference for our kids. Sometimes you just need to show them how to draw a new sort of tree and then they will draw an entire forest. Kids are so creative on their own but they long to be introduced to new ways of doing things. I think of my own creative process and how I have these abilities to create all within me but it’s through others that I find more inspiration, rather than a stifling of my process. Lately I’ve been reading Robert Frost to the kids and I’m finding that I want to write more. It’s not that I want to write LIKE him, just that I want to use descriptive words more as I read his colourful language. His work is inspiring me!

I’ve found that there are times where my kids need to be left alone to create and explore but there are also those times where they really just don’t know what to do with themselves and they need a lil’ inspiration.

Here’s to inspiring our kids!


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