Gone for a few days

I’ve really wanting to keep up with writing this past month but with the move all of my time has been consumed with packing, cleaning and saying our goodbyes. Today we went to Cafe Solei and ate crossiants for the last time. Habibi was with us and I remember this is the first place I took him in Madison 8 years ago when his son was but a friend of mine. Now his son and I are married and we’re ending our time in Madison at the place where I first brought these lovely Swiss people.

I won’t be writing for at least a week as we get settled into our new home. I’m also due so shortly after we arrive out West and I may have to delay writing even further. Thank you to all who read this head space I call a blog. The comments are encouraging and provoking and I appreciate your enjoyment of our life process. Stick around, you’ll be hearing from me again soon.

Here’s to the WHOLE OF LIFE!!!! La Vie Entiere!


2 thoughts on “Gone for a few days

  1. Goodbye! I will watch for your next blog and photos too! I have already starting praying for the grace needed during the drive.
    I will have to look for that cafe and try it out.

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