Home again?

Writing an update has been the hardest thing for me to do since we arrived. I’m busy setting up our little home, hitting garage sales, seeing the midwife and trying to get the kids to the beach whenever we are graced with the sun’s presence.

It feels amazing to be back ‘home’. The smell in the air is fresh and foresty, at least where we live. The fragrance at the beach is salty and reminds me of clams and sandy sandwiches in the summertime. We go to parks and there are actually children playing in them. In fact they are usually pretty packed out with families. I’m amazed how much people come outside here…. I actually love it!

Slowly our home is becoming what we want. I guess I’m nesting because I can’t stop working on our living spaces until they are just the way I want (within a budget, of course). The first night we were settling in Chloe wanted to help me put away items that we were unpacking. I told her to take something to her room and she went down the hall but came back a few seconds later pouting. She said in a sad voice, “I don’t know where my room is” and it was sweet and pitiful at the same time. Her and Oliver are very settled now but it made me nervous for the decision we made in uprooting our family. Now that we’re settling it’s been an exciting ride for us and I’m finding my place here in the city I grew up.

I am trying to keep writing but lately I just haven’t had the time. Hopefully I can keep up after the baby comes. She’s due in just under two weeks and I’m not sure I’ll be up for writing quite as much as when I was in Madison. Thanks for continuing to check in here.


5 thoughts on “Home again?

  1. Yeah for nesting. We just moved in this week too to our new place and I’m so ready to get the baby room ready! We just got paint for the crib today and we’ve been looking at paint colours for the walls. So fun. Glad you’re enjoying being in WA, we can’t wait to hopefully see you guys soon. I’m looking at maybe coming up with dad, but we’re also looking at going to CO mid-July for a friend’s wedding, so we’re not sure of timing/details/money, etc. I’d love to come up and meet little baby though.

  2. Yay! Yes, it was sad when choe said she didn’t know where her room was. I’m so glad that you are started to feel settled!

    • Oh man. I was touched when she said that. Today she said she didn’t have a room because she’s in Oliver’s room. I told her it was both of their rooms but that didn’t make her super happy

  3. Hey, welcome home! Been there. Justin laid on the sofa crying for his pop pop and mom mom when we made a move. He was 3. Look forward to more when you are able.

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