A new world

Matt and I took the kids to the beach a few days ago just to explore the water and the tide pools. I grew up going to summer camps off the Puget Sound and the staff would take us down to the water to search the tide pools for starfish, clams, crabs and other creatures. I’d occasionally see sea cucumbers and other little fish in the larger pools and it always amazed me to touch, poke and handle life in the water. My family would go clam digging or crabbing and we would bring our food home and eat fresh sea food for dinner. As we have lived in the Midwest for 10 years the past few have been a heaviness about my kids missing out on this type of discovery that I had growing up. I realize you can make your own treasure wherever you live but I longed for them to see what I saw growing up and, knowing my children and their exuberant wonder, I knew this place would never stop being fascinating to them in their young life.

Moving back here has been busy nearly every day as we try to get out and explore before baby number three comes. We’ve been to the forest, the beach, trails, back to the beach and to more beaches. Last week we went to Fox Island and stopped while the tide was out to watch some locals catch crab. My son was mesmerized! He ran up to a man with a bucket of crabs and the gracious man gave my kids a lesson in aquatic life that made me smile and sigh with relief. “We made it! This is what I wanted for them.” I said these words inside as I sat on the rocky beach just watching them explore this new world near the water. We stayed at the beach over an hour lifting rocks to search for crabs. I got a kick out of watching Matt explore the beach with the same wonder as our kids. He was fascinated with the crabs, shells and the sea life. It was really sweet.

By the end of the day I realized how rich I’ve been growing up here; the mountains, rivers, streams, green trees all year round. The ocean, clams and salmon, cherries on the side of the road during the summer ($1.60 a lb!), berries that grow all over town, the smell of salt near the bay and 9pm sunshine in the summer. This is home!


8 thoughts on “A new world

  1. So glad for you and at the same time envious! My heart gets torn when thinking of living where I grew up and now where the kids have grown up.

    • Thanks, Mary. I am loving being back here and I think it was right for us to do this before they got much older. You have a great community there in Madison so I’m sure that makes staying easier too.

  2. So sweet! Happy to hear you guys are settling in and getting out and enjoying the summer. I love that your kids are able to explore. I bet it makes the long journey all worth it to see their faces. Can’t wait for number 3 to join in too!

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