feral doggies

One thing I’ve often noticed about a rougher area is the amount of rough and intimidating dogs there are. Just yesterday I saw a man playing catch with his unleashed dog (yes, I noticed no leash) and it was one of those crazy pit bull breeds. It’s not really a pit bull but it’s a mix of sorts and it’s just all muscle and teeth. Matt says I need to research these dogs more and that my concerns of living in a neighborhood with so many seemingly feral dogs is a bit unfounded. My reply was that golden retrievers and cocker spaniels are reported to bite or attack people more than pit bulls and Rottweilers but when those lil’ dogs bite they just draw blood and cause you to cry out for mommy. When the latter attack they can kill or maul, causing you to meet Jesus early.

Our next door neighbors had animal control called on them because they were keeping a pit bull puppy locked in a shed with no windows, quick recipe for doggy aggression.  The puppy ran away for about two weeks but he has returned again so we’re living next to one of these growing dogs. I have a theory about people, mainly dudes, that get these types of dogs and raise them to be aggressive. I think it’s a ‘my dog can kick the crap out of your dog’ syndrome, stemming from the  ‘little man syndrome’, not to be confused with ‘little willy syndrome’ (to put it tastefully). I have a theory, and tell me if you disagree, that some owners of these dogs get them because they are known to be bad-ass dogs who will attack people just because they have a lot of testosterone flowing through them and haven’t always been treated well. I’ve heard when these dogs are raised well they actually make fabulous pets, even if you have kids. The pediatrician where I take my kids has a therapy dog and this was one of the reasons I chose the practice. I envisioned my kids getting a vaccination and a cute and cuddly golden retriever coming into the room to offer solace to a hurting child. When I arrived at the pediatrician for the first time I saw a huge black rottweiler named Teddy sitting behind the desk and I asked, “Is THAT the therapy dog?” Yes, it is. Oh….I didn’t know those types to be docile creatures…. Yes, the doctor trains her dogs really well. Okie dokie. Turns out it actually is a super sweet animal.

So my theory stands that usually it’s dudes who suffer from a sort of Napoleon complex get dogs that would normally be great family pets and turn them into unpredictable animals that can turn on someone or another animal in a moment just to prove some sort of bad-ass-ness. Or maybe it’s a social status thing. I’m not saying they are getting dogs in order to be a threat to the public but you have to be so aware of a breed of animal and raise and train it well or any dog has the potential to turn into a dog that attacks.  My friend who lives a few blocks away was walking her dog, Fletch, and another dog came out of nowhere and started to attack him. Somehow he let loose but when she came back to find the owner and give him/her a what’s-what she saw him attacking another dog then he ran off and she heard gun shots, I know…I live in the hood. Turns out that an owner saw said ‘puppy’ attacking his dog and tried to fire off a few rounds to scare the dog. It worked but now there is a feral dog running wild in the neighborhood somewhere.

I’m trying to be patient as I watch this neighbor puppy get into the garbage can and dig through diapers (not mine, theirs. They have kids too), and as I stare out the window at several makeshift fences built to keep the puppy in the back yard I think to myself: One day, and it won’t be too long, that dog is going to grow into his huge paws and just push through those gates, running wild in the neighborhood. Eesh… Yesterday I saw he was back and we all walked out the back door to the car. I said a silent, “Oh great” then I looked over and saw the owner. Ooops, I think he heard me. Maybe he’ll think I said, “OH! GREAT!!!”  But then I said, “Sooooo… you got your puppy back? Um…I notice it’s a pit bull….and I’m sure you notice I have little kids….” He was trying to reassure me that all would be well within the universe since this dog is so loving. Dear Lord I hope so. Maybe it wouldn’t hurt for me to carry around a bit of doggie mace. Sorry to all of you animal activists but I care about my kids more. Don’t worry I would never mace a dog just for the heck of it but I’d do it faster than you could say “Animal Control” if an unleashed doggy approaches. Take that you little Shit-zu!


9 thoughts on “feral doggies

  1. Yes I totally agree with what you said – our friends had a pitbull mix and he was a great dog. I thought it was hilarious to see that your doc’s therapy dog is a rottweiler! Those things are kinda ugly too. 🙂 This post cracked me up. Love your writing style.

  2. yes, here in Luton they are everywhere! I’m sorry but I dislike them!! They run wild on the park where little kids are. The owners are always exactly the guys you describe. Sometimes young teens…There’s always stories on the paper about those dogs-better to forget!- Once our neighbour brought one to our floor and went running for Lemmy. Marc picked Lemmy up so quickly. The owner got offended and said: hey, is ok, is a very loving dog. Well, yes that’s what you said, but Im not gonna risk my 1 yeard old to a dog we don’t know anything about!
    Lots of those dogs were breed to be figthers so is within them no matter what they say. My godmother had 2 doberman ( remember those ?-there even was a film about them ) she raise them since puppies very well and they still turn so bad she had to get rid of them.
    Of course that’s not always the case…but I’m still careful.

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