A child shall lead them

Wow, that’s a loaded title for a post! Recently we’ve been doing the little things to make a difference in our neck of the hood. Calling in for the recovery team to grab those dastardly grocery carts is only one of the areas we’re trying to clean up around here. Matt and I have always been big garbage collectors in the sense that we pick up rubbish when we’re on walks and such. It’s funny how much kids observe in their parents because now our son is starting to pick up rubbish on his own accord around our new house.

This photo is taken because I was so impressed with his initiative in picking up trash. I need to state that he is NOT one of those kids that does acts of kindness and goodness to receive praise from his parents, he’s not fishing for validation. We usually have to go a long distance in verbal discourse to explain why he should do the right thing. He’s a very kind hearted child but really in a lot of ways just does what he wants to do. ¬†This day, however, he was playing outside and I kept hearing him call my name from the front. I came outside and found he had piled the wagon with trash from the neighborhood and was getting ready to dispose of it. He wasn’t trying to impress me he was just showing me something that he did. I was so inspired by him that I came out and joined him. While we were picking up trash a boy came by pushing a shopping cart (have I mentioned that I hate those things) and, bless his heart, he stopped and grabbed some pieces, took them over to us and threw them in our bag. It was a really funny and cool moment for me.


I can’t seem to stop Oliver from picking up garbage even while we’re taking walks around the neighborhood and, even though I think it’s great, this area is still rough enough that I need to remind his innocent little self not to pick up anything that looks like a long, clear balloon (yep, those are everywhere) or something that looks like the thing they give him a poke with at the doctor’s office (the word needle to a kid who isn’t familiar with them is a bit of a mystery). Chloe still doesn’t quite get it, bless her heart but help us, Lord. She picks up plastic bottles that still have some sugary swill left inside and puts her mouth around the lid when we aren’t looking. DEAR GOD! Now, it’s just the cap but still, DEAR GOD! I think she’s secretly hoping that some of the flat and stale soda will find it’s way into her mouth.

I’m surprised how much this act has rubbed off on my kids but Oliver specifically says he wants to do it because he wants our street to look nice and not junky (probably those are a bit of our words mixed in there). I do like his way of phrasing it though. He has a way with words. Two days ago he said that the things Jesus did when he was on the earth were ,”hung out with people and had a lovely time”. Basically, right? Well, our kids are inspiring us as it sounds like we are inspiring them. There’s a long way to go here but all of this is a start.


3 thoughts on “A child shall lead them

  1. Love this post about little Olivier. So great to hear how he wants to clean up the neighbourhood. I hope that we can inspire our kids in this way too. You guys are such great parents.

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