These are the days…

I’ve shifted once again into a state of chaos that I didn’t anticipate once I had three children. A friend of mine, back in WI, had three of her own and occasionally I would visit her and the kids wondering how on earth she could leave her house in such a crazy state. I’m not talking mess. I find that it’s not so easy to judge people who keep a messy house. Sometimes we aren’t all as much as a perfectionist as myself, noticing every bit of dust in the house (it’s a gift and a curse). The craziness was more of a chaos brought on by many children under the age of five that made me scratch my head in curiosity as I noticed random things in the corners of rooms in the house. And it wasn’t stuff like toys (that’s pretty typical when you have kids) it was stuff like an empty box of cereal in the corner of the bathroom floor or a wrench sitting randomly under the dining room table that always made me wonder, “How on earth did THAT get there and why hasn’t someone noticed how out of place that is and put it away?” Every once in a while I just thought it was because of her own quirkiness that things got left out, things like a shovel in the living room or a lightbulb in the bathroom sink. These things always made me wonder if it was because her life was a bit hectic or if she was just a bit bizarre. Enter my present day:

I have three children now and the baby is starting to crawl. She’s no longer content to just lie on her back in a crib and giggle. She’s also not content to just sleep the laxidasical day away. She has new demands and a new ferocity to her cry. I find myself busier than ever, along with the fact that I started homeschooling the boy again and we are in full schooling mode lately. I still work in my garden, which is in the process of being torn up anew now that spring is here. I still bake bread when I can, mainly because we go through so bloody much of the stuff and I’m still trying to spend most of our fleeting sunny days outside every chance I can. With that comes the random ‘thing’ on the floor in the corner staring at me, wondering when I’m going to put it away. And for the first time….I get it now! Sometimes you just don’t have time in the big scheme of things to put something away!  A crying baby needs to be picked up because the wall art fell on her face. A six year old needs to finish reading a book about a 16th century, vertically challenged man named Pepin, and a little four year old needs to be pet on her head because she keeps telling me she’s the new house kitten. It happens.


My time is so stretched lately and it’s not like I’m running around the house like a headless chicken but it’s more like I have to get really important stuff done while the random stuff has to wait. It’s driving me crazy to see piles accumulate around the house but it’s something I’m starting to accept. The perfectionist in me is going nuts with piles of laundry that need to be done or the kids don’t wear clean bloomers the next day. The clothes sit in the dryer for two days. Then they get folded and sit in the basket for two more days waiting to be put away. How did this become my life?


Yet these are days to cherish, I’m certain of that. I’m sure I’ll look back on this time of my life with great fondness and laugh at all the stories. Today as I was rushing out the door with the kids I noticed, as I was shutting the door, that there was an empty box of ice cream sandwiches lying on the kitchen floor. A random box that needed to be put in the recycling. I don’t know why it didn’t make it there but it didn’t. It sat on the floor most of the day because it’s wasn’t the most important thing for me to do at that moment. There is a divine chaos that has come into our home with the addition of another child and I understand why people with a lot of kids can have a messy house. My Tupperware was used to make a robot a while back so it’s been sitting on the floor for three days. My daughter smeared styling oil on the bathroom floor so that she could ‘ice skate’ last night and even though I tried to get it all up I still skid every time I turn the corner to leave the bathroom. Our life is pleasantly full with three little people but these are indeed the days!