Another beginning

Today I’m listening to Vivaldi’s, The Four Seasons and it’s the Summer Allegro that reminds me how fast this season has gone by in our cloudy state. I almost feel like we didn’t really have a summer as we all sat near beaches and pools, shivering with our kids, trying to enjoy sandy turkey sandwiches while many of us wrapped ourselves in light sweaters in AUGUST! When the sun has come out it’s been crazy outside. You can smell BBQ wafting down the street from all directions and you can hear (in our neighborhood anyway) music blasting from every corner. It’s like we’re making up for lost time and snatching the small scraps of summer that we can.

It’s August 10 and that means only a few short weeks until September 1….and THAT means Oliver is starting first grade….in school! I decided, after months of heaviness to put him in school this year. I was preparing to order curriculum and still didn’t feel right about homeschooling next year. He loves to craft and make projects but also loves to do experiments and learn about the scientific world. These are the things I find very hard to do with him while having two small children to take care of. Lately he’s been bored and under stimulated at home and also, he wants to be around kids ALL THE TIME!

It usually takes me about 30 minutes to research a project that is just right for the both of us. Then another 30 min to find the materials around the house that we’ll need for this project and after 10 minutes of actually doing the activity he asks, “So, can we do another one?” That’s when I want to collapse into a ball, rock back and forth while holding my knees in the fetal position. I’ve been realizing I can’t quite keep up with his need for input so I decided to enroll him this year and it was quite a dilemma for me. I really believe, contrary to what some homeschoolers might believe, that you can give your kids a great education and nurture them wonderfully if they are in public, private school or home schooled. It just takes the parents being highly involved in the kid’s life and in their learning process. It helps to lay good foundations of self esteem and security while releasing their own creativity.

I have heard about this school in our area, but not in our district, that is a centre for the creative arts but the wait list for out of district families is quite long. Some parents have had their kids on the list for over two years and still not getting in. These days, it seems like a good school is hard to find. I must have tried to call and left a message with the principle inquiring about getting Oliver enrolled for next year, I honestly don’t remember speaking to her so I think I just a left a message about a month ago. I was told of the wait list so I considered another school that is similar but it’s pretty far of a drive from our house. I decided to enroll him there but still felt heavy about the far drive. It would have been about 80 minutes total for two, ‘there and back’, drives each day. The day I enrolled him in the school that is far from our house the secretary for the first school I originally wanted him in, the centre for creative arts, called me and said even though I’m out of district they would not put him on the wait list, they would enroll him straight away! It was so random and unexpected, so divine! The call came out of nowhere and it’s just something that I’ve never heard of as happening to a family wanting to enroll at this particular school but I’m amazed and thrilled that Oliver gets to go here.

Learning math and science through the arts! Designing a building and learning about numbers and problems! The elements of science and the beauty of creating through artistic expression! Crafts and projects. Glue, glitter, paints and clay. Charlotte’s Web during story time. Robots from tin cans. Mosaics! Music and dance. My son, I’m thrilled for you and what you will create this year. Your heart longs to invent, manipulate, bend, click and snap things into place. I can’t wait to see what you bring home, showing me each masterpiece you will make.


4 thoughts on “Another beginning

  1. Everyone here in Switzerland (the family) is really excited about how God opened the door for Oliver to go to that school, so am I…. God is so faithful, he knows so well the desires of our hears. Love you,

  2. What great news! This sounds like a wonderful school for wonderful Oliver. I’ve been enjoying your recent posts so much. Thanks for writing.

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