The End of Summer

This summer wasn’t completely what I had hoped in terms of the weather. It’s really hit or miss here in the Pacific Northwest. Some years it hits the high 80s for three months and that’s when everyone’s grass turns a crackly brown and it feels like you’re walking on tiny spikes when you go into the yard barefoot. The smell of sunscreen is ubiquitous and the spray grounds are packed to maximum capacity. In fact it might even be a good idea to invest into a harness just so you can locate your child amongst the mosh pit of swimsuits.

Then there are years where you find yourself sitting near a quiet beach with a single tear streaming down your face as you try to suck the life out of a day in the high 50s, gray clouds hovering above as you pretend it’s summery outside by eating juicy peaches (that were NOT grown here this year) and donning sunglasses in hopes that the day will actually require them to be worn. You day-dream of trips to hot and sunny places like Arizona or Utah because honestly, would you ever go there in August otherwise?

This was my summer:

Green tomatoes in July….AND August!

Tiny butternut squash on the vine because the heat didn’t help them

Cold days at a local beach

And gray skies in July!


August sent me outside with a tan, camping all over our amazingly, lovely state, and it lathered me with sunscreen for an entire month.

I have freckles on my face that show proof of those sunny days, a handful of red tommys that are truly the underdog this year, and kids with sun kissed highlights in their hair. We had a rad summer, even if it took a while to come. She finally graced us with her presence and then, just like that, she was gone.

Welcome the yellow leaves and orange pumpkins; sweaters that itch your neck, socks, spiders coming in from the cold; firm butter in the cupboard, heated house in the morning and feather duvet at night… all of this I’m not yet ready for but, in the end, what I can do? Here’s to fall!

All photos by Tracie Bonjour


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