Chilly weather is coming

Today I woke up to cooler air and a leaky sky as my tomatoes sat under an inch of Pacific Northwest sprinkles. Now begins the colder weather that will lead us into the Autumn. I like to say Autumn rather than Fall because the word sounds crisp and crackly and it seems like it would smell like a clove….not to sound too poetic. I just think the word sums up what is happening to my garden. The sun is also disappearing (no surprise for those of us who live in the PNW) and it’s sweater weather outside.

As a treat, Matt and I took the kids to our favorite burger spot where everything is cooked fresh and the cow is slaughtered in the kitchen sink before you eat it. We’re regulars at this burger joint! I never thought this would be me. I feel like we should have a parking spot or something. Sylvie is also getting older so we actually need to start ordering her food instead of letting her pick off the occasional pickle or hardened french fry (you can’t give away your good ones).

Then we came home and I baked bread, made fresh pasta sauce with tomatoes from my garden and let the chickens run out to poop all over the yard while they have yet to give us just one damn egg! I love days like this for myself. As the season changes I want to sip tea, listen to jazz and write silly, poetic posts or read a classic novel; maybe knit an entire  cozy for our desk top computer  or figure out a new recipe using acorn squash and rosemary, all while I wear an itchy sweater with muted hues and sit on my couch with an afghan over my lap. With three kids, what it actually ends up looking like is this:

“Chloe, get your feet off the dinner table!

Oliver, stop farting while we’re eating!

Sylvie, no no! Don’t throw your food on the floor! Oh, dear Lord! Did she poop…again?

Guys! Quit jumping on the furniture!!! Can we just have it a bit quiet in here? Please? I can’t hear my jazz! I’m sweating while picking up after you all so I don’t even need my sweater with muted hues!”

So much for jazz in the background and camomile tea in an orange and brown cup.

We had to go to the park because the kids were climbing the walls. We also took a kid, and his friend, from down the street and Oliver was kid number three of the crowd so he was the runt that was picked off of the pack. It’s hard to watch your child being left out but, to his credit, he was a bit oblivious of the situation so I didn’t step in too much because he was actually having fun. I just kept glaring at the other two kids and suggesting games to play together. Take that, other- kid-leave-outers!

Meanwhile, Chloe was taking Sylvie by the hand in the park and I had this thought, “Maybe walking in the grass isn’t best for a baby; you know, dogs and their poop and such?”. I shook off the thought…. Always follow your heart!!! Lean into those intuitions! Allow them to guide you in your wisdom, otherwise your one year old might just put dog poop in her mouth because it was on the ground and she puts EVERYTHING in her mouth! There really aren’t words to describe how horrific it is to clean canine crap out of your baby’s mouth. But I digress….It was a decent time at the park and I was able to enjoy, sort of, my crisp, Autumn day.

Our life is slowly changing with the season. We had an amazing summer outside but it’s slowly coming to an end.  We eat a lot of our meals outdoors when it’s sunny and warm but we’ll be moving all of that inside now. We’ve had our share of backyard campfires since it’s been cool and dry. Now the heater will keep us warm. And it’s been amazing to camp, swim, hike and tan our skin in the lovely sunshine these past three months. On with the sweaters and muted tones! Welcome Miles Davis (cliche, I know) and camomile tea! Bring it, squash and rosemary ravioli! Here comes Autumn! How are you celebrating the changing season?


7 thoughts on “Chilly weather is coming

    • Ah, friend. I wish you would have been there. We miss you too. The kids are getting so big. Right now Oliver is making a computer out of a cracker box and Chloe is drawing a clown in the box.

    • Thanks, Sarah. I like the layout too. Looks much cleaner. Also, it’s true! She did eat dog poop. I almost fainted. When I was cleaning it out of her mouth I could smell it and she kept spitting pieces out. Yack!

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