Potatoes are here!

Gardening in WA has been a huge learning curve for me. In WI I would throw seeds into the ground, walk away and eventually stuff would grow. EVERYTHING grew there because of the heat and the sun that lasted about five months out of the year; the rest of the year was dedicated to ice and Baltic winds. Nonetheless, I began to feel like a gardening pro out there due to the status and prolific nature of my garden.

Then I came to the Pacific Northwest, eager to get my garden on. It’s a bit more tricky now that the sun doesn’t come out for as many consecutive months during the year and the heat doesn’t melt your face off. Needless to say I didn’t even attempt eggplant or bell peppers out here unless I wanted to gain maybe one dinky eggplant after watering it for three months. My butternut squash plant yielded a whopping three squash while I once plucked 15 squash from two plants a few years back (in WI, that is).

I did grow a few new items that I haven’t attempted in the past and, well….I’m still learning. My potatoes did well, other than the fact that some lil’ pots on the root were the size of a chicklet. Still, I dug up half of my plants and gained a colander full of dirt-covered, waxy yellow potatoes. Chloe helped me and it couldn’t have been a more exciting birthday gift for her. I love for my kids to see how we grow food in the middle of the city. As a side note, our chickens have finally started to poop out their eggs! Omelet anyone?


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