Fall Free For All

My kids made this life-like puppet and placed him/her in the living room today. Every time I walk by I gasp, thinking some random hoodlum is sitting in our living room wearing an old school motorbike helmet. It’s the shoes that are doing me in every time. It actually looks like there’s a small, deformed man with no arms hanging out on the couch.


They made this because we went to the Fall Free For All arts festival downtown and the kids saw giant puppets that were dressed like a bad nightmare complete with stilts and strange masks. It was a lot of fun and even the breast cancer walk was there handing out free chowder and yogurt. Once they left though the population dropped to about 3/4 of what it was (sigh). We did stay to watch the flea circus but I’ll be damned if it wasn’t really hard to see. Go figure.


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