I guess it’s fitting that the spiders are everywhere considering it’s Halloween time.  Now that I’m taking the tomatoes into the house (not the whole plant, just the actual fruit) in preparation for the frost that’s coming, I’m having to fight off fat-bodied spiders that are webbing their world all over my garden. I’ll reach my hand into the plant to grab a few ripe tomatoes and, yuck, I’m ripping through a sticky web. They are everywhere! I seem to remember, way back when I use to live here, that this is the time of year when the spiders come out of the cold and into your house. Good times!


I really hate spiders. Some people dislike snakes but I friggin’ hate (exclamation point) spiders. When I lived in Hawaii I could handle the cockroaches that were big enough to skateboard on but the cane spiders caused me to stop in a panic filled silence. I still start to itch just thinking of those large, hairy bodies that dart and weave in anticipation of your every move.



A few weeks ago I was sitting on the computer in the living room, after the kids had gone to bed, and out of the corner of my eye I saw a large object moving towards the couch. When I looked over, I froze and gasped. It was a spider the size of a small poodle that was so large it created a shadow. I didn’t know what to do but I couldn’t imagine  sharing a home with this thing. I could just picture it eating the cat food in the middle of the night, moving the refrigerator when it needed to or trying on my bras when I wasn’t home. This thing was HUGE!


I had to get it killed. I looked under the couch and couldn’t find it so I assumed it was hiding UP in the couch. Then I considered myself sitting upon said couch one day and feeling a fuzzy arm reaching out for me, asking if I could pass the encyclopedia Britannica. I just couldn’t bear to share this space with a spider that large.


The determination set in to find this thing and put it out of my misery. I moved the couch, (something I’m sure this spider could have done himself) found the arachnid and splattered it with my flip-flop. Disgusting! I just kept imagining one climbing on my eyes while I slept and it freaked me out. After I killed it I literally jumped up and down and bellowed while shaking my hands. Maybe it was a symbolic act of ‘getting it off of me’ or something.


Now I’m sure there are more in the house somewhere but I’m super thankful that I saw this beast before it killed and ate my cat or something. This is the time of year where I’m sure I’ll see plenty more. I keep seeing small juicy ones in the garden. So goes life in a wet, rainy, lush, temperate climate. Give/take.


4 thoughts on “Spiders!

  1. Haha, this reminds me of one night when Matt saw a huge spider climb under his bed at home and we spent HOURS sorting through all the mess under his bed, in order to kill it, but we never found it.

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