A tank in the city!

Yesterday Oliver had a friend from school over to play at the house and, of course, he ran outside to turn the world upside while he played. I often find him out, when a friend is over, getting into stuff he really shouldn’t be. I think he just gets excited and conveniently forgets that we have rules.

He’s a really creative kid so I’m riding the line between, “You can’t do that! People don’t like it when you pilfer through their garbage and use it to make a robot”, and “Ok fine….make your robot from trash. Just wash your hands when you’re done!”.

Yesterday I came outside to find that he had turned the neighbor’s rubbish bin on it’s side, taped his Stomp Rocket to it and turned the whole piece into a tank. Here’s my world with this kid who always sees things in a different way.

PS- No wild pit bulls were harmed in the making of this tank and this tank does not contain trans fats. The tank even rolls!

Notice the firing of the rocket.


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