A new studio space

Chloe's creations

There are weeks that go by where I deeply miss my friends back in Madison; I even miss a bit of the snow….just a bit. Really. If it snowed a bit then melted, then snowed again but remained above -12 six months out of the year, I really would want to be in that snow. Lately, though, I’ve been very stoked to be back in T-town.

Today Lori and I took our kids to a space that is screaming for a new name: The Tacoma Art Place. It was more of a studio than a ‘place’. It’s Art Month in Tacoma and this means that there are tons of events and workshops going on all over town, all month long. I may just have to check out a dress rehearsal of A Christmas Story this year at the little theatre. I swear, some year I’m going to audition for the mom in that production.

Potter's wheel and kiln

This particular studio was opened all day and it turns out that it’s just down the street from  us. I have passed by this space several times since we moved here and haven’t thought much of it since I usually see really old women in there selling their crafts. Isn’t it funny how pompous one can be when trying to delve into their artsy side? Anyway….

Turns out these women are pretty much rock stars. They volunteer their time and they loved interacting with my kids who were able to throw a few pots today on the potter’s wheel, along with making a few pieces of jewelry and copious amounts of glitter-invested pictures. It’s a studio space that is all volunteer run, resources are donated (good quality resources, I might add- dang! Impressive!). They have totally reasonable annual fees to rent the space and…wait for it….whatever you decide to make, you can keep or sell for profit in the shop. Unreal! So they have a potter’s wheel, two kilns, a plethora of glass beads for jewelry making, canvas stretchers along with canvas material, paints and what-have-you, sewing machines and a serger and endless amounts of materials to use. I was blown away. This is exactly what I’ve been wanting to tap into but we’re on a tight budget so unless a studio is willing to take payments in pine cones, we’re pretty much left to our own creative devices around here.

Olivier's creations-not bad!

Well, it’s very reasonable to get a membership (in the end it’s about $12 a month- WHAT?) and I get to hang out with these amazing, old ladies who are super creative and who are aged like a fine Bordeaux. Today, I feel blessed and well taken care of. Today, it’s good to live on the Hill!!!


5 thoughts on “A new studio space

  1. LOVE THIS. Sounds kind of like what we’re trying to do at our program – minus the pottery wheel and sewing machines (someday maybe…!) – but the idea of a space and supplies and people available to just be with kids and let them create, explore, be creative, etc. What a good find!

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