My First Pottery Class

Before you conjure up images of scenes from Ghost where Patrick and Demi throw a pot linking fingers with Unchained Melody in the background, let me say my first pottery class wasn’t like this, although the young instructor did place his hands over mine in order to show me how to guide the clay. But he was a mere 22 so it was more like my son or very young kid brother helping me navigate.

It was rad though. One reason I’ve always wanted to do pottery is because I love to watch the clay grow and shrink as it’s being formed and I LOVE to watch the swirls bending in and out. It’s hypnotic. This is my first time ever making pots and cups and my instructor said I caught on very quickly. They have yet to be glazed.

The bottom of the pots will be cleaned up before glazing


8 thoughts on “My First Pottery Class

  1. Look at you, little artist! They really look amazing. Makes me want to try it sometime. How much does this cost and how many times are you going??

  2. Ok… you are a natural. Your bowls and cups look fantastic! i took a few ceramic classes in University and LOVED it Wish I could throw a few pots with you Enjoy!

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