Cleaning up the Hill

Photo by sleepinyourhat

Yesterday we had our neighborhood clean-up day and I’ll be damned if I missed it. I thought it was at 3pm but it was at 2pm. I was even home and occasionally peeking out the window but I didn’t see anyone. So at three I came out with my latex gloves on, ready to pick up smashed Rainer cans and empty Snickers wrappers from our gutters. Then I noticed….no one! The street also looked very clean. Finally, I saw one neighbour raking up some leaves and said, “Oh, are we ready?” Through her surprised look I could see we were indeed past ready. I had missed it. The shame of it all is that this whole neighborhood clean-up was MY IDEA!

So I basically entreated my loving neighbours to take care of our street on a brisk Sunday afternoon while I sat inside in my cozy home. I felt so embarrassed and wished someone would have knocked on my door and dragged my butt outside. Well, I redeemed myself by spending the next hour raking leaves out of our drainage and out of the street. Victory!

Through my embarrassment I will say the street looks lovely and it’s so right to come gather as a community, in the midst of a notoriously rough area that is no longer rough-just a bit unstable, and clean up the rubbish. I’m beginning to love my street and our fantastic neighbors. Here’s to helping lovely things stay lovely.


One thought on “Cleaning up the Hill

  1. haha, that’s hilarious that you missed it. Great idea to do a clean-up. I feel like we need one on our street – we’ve got three “abandoned” cars and I swear the house on the end has hoarders, they’ve got all kinds of crap outside and it drives us crazy.

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