When the kids get bored….throw them outside!

When my kids start to climb the walls inside the house, these days I have to tell them to get their shoes on and go outside before I tear my heart out. Obviously they have to get some wiggles out and they also really start to bug me when they jump on furniture and run around the house, clomping on our hardwood floors like a couple of Clydesdales.

They winge and moan being told to leave the house but I always know throwing them outside will produce something of beauty once they just engage with being out there. You have to make extra effort to get outside when you live in an urban setting, even in the lush beauty of the Pacific Northwest. So out they go….then this is usually the sort of thing that I find them making:

It's a pirate ship! Complete with oars and a flag

Apparently it's a Swiss Pirate Ship


4 thoughts on “When the kids get bored….throw them outside!

  1. Love it! The creativity and imagination – BRILLIANT. On a side note – I relate to your need to send them OUT at times – We just bought a trampoline… it’s changed my life – no more jumping on everything and climbing the walls – they just bounce it out!

  2. That’s great! I always love their creativity. This is also what I do with Sophie, we just go out and I let her explore our street. She just loves being outside and something about being it just makes her happy!

  3. Throw ’em outside! That’s the way!
    I need to follow suit and do the same. I dislike the cold temps, and my kids pick up on that. Just yesterday they were begging to go have a picnic in the yard. Doofus me said, “It’s too cold and the ground is too muddy”. Well, I just need to expand my horizons a bit and then there’s a world of activity awaiting the cooped up kids. Thanks for the reminder. 🙂

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